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Flood Defence

Sheet pile walls can be used in a variety of ways for flood defence systems.

For new river embankments they can ensure watertightness, support and stabilization. They are also used to strengthen existing embankments.

With a sheet pile wall, not only can an embankment be made watertight, but it can also be modified to hold back a larger design flood without requiring greater footprint. This is a simple matter of designing the sheet pile wall to project the requisite height above the crest.

When space is an issue, sheet pile walls can form freestanding floodwalls to replace a flood embankment.

  • Sheet piles are cost-and time-effective.
  • Equipment such as resonance free vibratory pile drivers result in less disturbance during installation.
  • Saves space.
  • Reusable in which sheet piles can be taken out of the ground and reposiitoned in another area. This particulary interesting where temporary flood protection is required.
Water Control

A water control structure is a device that alters the flow of water in a stream, drainage channel or storage pond. Sheet pile products have proven to be a sustainable, long lasting solution in many water control projects such as:

  • Toe walls for scour protection.
  • Weirs.
  • Undermining protection.
  • Stream bed grade stabilization.
  • Water diversion.
  • Mine drainage.

Sheet piling is an easy to install solution to line channels and ponds. Protecting against erosion and providing a seepage barrier.

Sheet piling is an eco-friendly and sustainable structure solution which is 100% recycable and minimizes ecological disturbance, a great benefit for environmentally concerned areas.

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