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Retaining Walls 

Retaining wall covers structures on land and on waterfronts.

AÔÇ»retaining wallÔÇ»is a more or less rigid wall thatÔÇ»supports the soil and water massesÔÇ»laterally so that the terrain can be retained at different levels on both sides of the wall.

A sheet pile retaining wall has a portion of its structureÔÇ»embedded in the soil below excavation level.

The sheet pile section withstands the pressure from the soil and any other additional loads through the soil/structure interaction that exists in this embedded part, and additional support(s) (anchor or strut) in the upper part if necessary.


Bridge abutments have two primary functions:

  1. support the vertical loads of the bridge: the abutments must be able to withstand significant vertical forces from the bridge superstructure,
  2. act as a retaining wall for the soil that supports the access way to the bridge.

Hot rolled ZZ steel sheet piles have several advantages when used in the design and construction of bridge abutments:

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  • faster execution time than alternatives,
  • can be installed in advance of other works,
  • no previous excavation for foundations is required,
  • ZZ sheet piles have immediate load-bearing capacity,

Abutments formed from sheet piles are most cost-effective when a piled foundation is required to support the bridge or where speed of construction is critical.

One common element to all bridge designs is that the foundation has to bear concentrated loads and thus needs to be very stable.


Tunnels are underground passageways, dug through the surrounding soil and enclosed except for an entrance and an exit at each end.

As bridges, they are essential for a well- ZZ steel sheet piles are ideal for tunnel and underpass construction, due to:

  • faster execution time,
  • reduced surface disruption, as no over excavation for foundations is required,
  • sheet piles have immediate load-bearing capacity,

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  • guaranteed watertightness through the use of sealing products or welded interlocks,
  • several construction methods can be used for the execution of tunnels and depending on the soil conditions and other technical requirements.

Stabau Africa can assist with concept designs and technical assistance from planning phase through to execution on site.

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