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Anchor Systems

Tie Rods Systems can be found on large port and river projects. They act as an anchorage to tie back a sea wall to an anchor wall. Based on steel bars, connected together and with anchorage accessories capable of connecting to the marine wall while remaining easy to install.

Most sheet pile retaining walls need a supplementary support at the top, in addition to the embedment in the soil. Temporary cofferdams generally use walers and struts to cross-brace the inside excavation.

Permanent or large retaining walls are often tied back to an anchor wall installed at a certain distance behind the wall.

Choosing the right grade of steel or steel for the anchorage and all accessories depends on a variety of factors. Higher strength grades allow a smaller and thus lighter anchor rating, but are generally unsuitable when high rigidity of the system is required.

Components of anchoring

  • Round steel tie rods as full size tie rod.
  • With upset forged ends.
  • With upset eye.
  • With upset T-head.
  • Wailings.
  • As well as the associated turnbuckles, couplers, plates and nuts.