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H- and U- beams are used as struts to attach anchor beams on sheet pile walls. H- beams can be used as anchor piles for big structural constructions but also for reinforcement and strutting of building pits with sheet piles.

All common wide flange beams and double-U profiles are available for use in specialized and general civil engineering.

Other areas of application are:

  • Load-bearing scaffolding.
  • Noise barriers.
  • Fa├ºade protection.
  • Reinforcement in mixed-and-place and diaphragm walls.

Additional services

  • Web plates fitted by welding.
  • Attaching or welding onto base plates.
  • Production of double U-profiles (on request Zusamit zanchor supports).
H-Pile combined walls

H piles (King Piles) are combined with sheet piles to produce a combi, or reinforced sheet pile wall. Interlocks are welded to these H piles to allow elements to be joined.Because of their robust construction it gives the resultant combi wall, the ability to endure extreme loads.

H Pile system combines hot or cold formed sheet piles with H Piles to produce high strength walls at economical weights. The high inertia of the system results in low deflection values.

Other advantages of H-Piles combi walls include

  • Increased vertical load bearing capacity.
  • Ability to penetrate very hard ground with the H Pile units during installation.
  • High lateral impact resistance.
  • The option to specify King piles of a different length to the infill sheet piles, providing a more economic design while maintaining stability.

Combi walls are frequently used in applications such as

  • Tunnel entrances.
  • Deep excavation pits.
  • Underground carparks & basements.
  • Quay walls.
  • Breakwaters.

Combi walls receive their structural strength from the King piles, while intermediate sheet piles are used to make the wall continuous and watertight.


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